The article is available in print or microfilm in the library collection.

You will need to know the title of the journal the article appears in, the volume and/or issue number, and the article page numbers.

To find the location of the article in the library:

  1. Go to the SMCM catalog and select "Journals" from the top menu
  2. Search by the title of the journal that the article appears in (NOT the article title)
  3. Look for the call number under "Location" to find on the shelf in the Periodicals section on the 2nd floor
  4. Browse by volume and issue to locate the item with the article

We have a scanner and microfilm readers on the first floor that can be used to print or email a PDF free of charge. If you need assistance with either machine, ask at the front desk.

If you need any help locating a journal in the print collection, ask a librarian!

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Answered By: Conrad Helms

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