1. Is the showing for a class, club, or an informal movie night and you are NOT advertising* the showing?
    • If YES, you can show any movie you check out from the SMCM Library
  2. Is the showing open to a wider group of people and are you advertising* the showing through any kind of "All Student," "All Faculty," "All Employee" email, putting up flyers, or using a social media channel?
    • If YES, you can only show a movie that has special Public Performance Rights (PPR)
    • Not sure if a movie has PPR? We have a binder near the DVDs on the first floor that lists films with PPR in the front! Also, some - but not all - of the DVD cases have a sticker indicating PPR. When you find a film in the SMCM catalog, click on "Availability" to see if it has PPR.

*Note: Sending an email to a select group of people (like a club or class) wouldn't be considered advertising and is therefore a-ok!

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Answered By: Amanda VerMeulen

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